Through Chloe we have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people. Here are some of the groups and people we've had the pleasure of getting to know, all of whom have helped us on our journey.



The Oakland Dog Training Club offers training classes for all levels of dog and handler. Chloe has benefitted greatly from Lynn Kosmakos' patient and loving training style.  Lynn is our dog guru and has been ever supportive of our adventure. You don't have to be a member to take the classes.  Check out their website at

A great dog trainer, Lisa Maze gave us hope that we could be the handlers that Chloe needs.  With Lisa in our lives, we have gained the confidence to compete Chloe in some wonderful dog sports such as Barn Hunt. She has also taught how to trust our little dober-girl.  More importantly, Lisa's ability to break things down in human-speak is unparalleled.  Check out her website at


Youngblood Harris is the first dog trainer we talked to after we bringing Chloe home.  His practical knowledge helped us with the basic components of living with a dog.  Every first time dog owner should have a "new dog" coach.  Youngblood is also helping us build a stronger relationship with our dog by incorporating a stronger play drive into our training.  A veteran of the ring sports, Youngblood is very well respected. Check out his website at